Where to Get the Covid-19 Vaccine in NYC: Tips to Book an Appointment and More!

All the locations where you can get the Covid-19 vaccine in NYC and how to book an appointment at each place in NYC.


Who is Eligible to get the Covid-19 Vaccine in NYC?

Everyone (12 & older) is eligible to get the Covid-19 Vaccine! Tourists can also get the Covid-19 vaccine.


Covid-19 Vaccine in NYC – General info

CHECK HERE to view on the NYC Map all the places that administer the Covid-19 Vaccine in NYC (Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx, and Staten Island). You can click on each location on the map to get more info about that place.

Check the list below for handy info of covid-19 vaccine locations in Manhattan:


How much is the Covid-19 Vaccine? Do I have to pay?

You don’t have to pay anything. It’s FREE FOR ALL!


Where to Get the Covid-19 Vaccine in Manhattan

I’d recommend checking all the links for better chances to find a Covid-19 Vaccine Appointment.


Tip: Check all the links, especially these ones (read tips and more details below these links):

  • NYC HospitalsTip: check this site frequently during the day!
  • NYC GOV Vaccine Finder: check what NYC places have available doses right now (tracking all places!) and what type of vaccine they offer (Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson). Tip: check this site frequently during the day! Usually, available spots at NYC Hospitals aren’t tracked on this page so make sure to check both pages constantly!
  • NY State (for the Javits Center in Manhattan).
  • Walgreens/Duane Reade. Appointment availability updates hourly on their site!
  • CVS. When you have to select the option to “choose your vaccine” click on “choose Covid-19 vaccine” just below the title written in a sentence (better to view this site from a computer). On the next page, select New York in the options below the main image.
  • Rite Aid Pharmacy.

Read all the tips below!

Tourists: I’d recommend booking an appointment at CVS or Walgreens because it’s much easier. Just go with your ID! There are some mobile spots around the city without needing to book an appointment in advance (those are generally for the Johnson & Johnson vaccine).


List of Places where you can get the Covid-19 Vaccine in NYC

You can also check at these specific places below. I’ll put the pharmacies first because I found them easier to schedule an appointment and they are all around NYC! So you can go to one convenient to you!

Tip: try to eat something before getting your vaccine. Don’t go with an empty stomach, unless your doctor advised you to do so.

GOOD TO KNOW: if you need to schedule just the second dose, at CVS and Walgreens sites you have the option to select “schedule second dose” 😉



All over NYC!

Website: Book an appointment here.

Once you fill out the options, if there aren’t any available appointments STAY ON THAT PAGE, don’t close it! So you can click on the “search” button to the right of the zip code or city until new slots are released. Do this frequently during the day!

CVS Covid Vaccine Schedule Appointment

What vaccine will you get at CVS? When you select the time slot (once there’s availability) it will tell you for what vaccine you’re scheduling for at that specific location. Some CVS stores have only the Moderna, others the Pfizer, they may have the Johnson soon. One store may offer now Pfizer but maybe the following week for the new appointments they may offer the Moderna if they received that one.



All over NYC!

Website: Book Appointment here and click on “schedule new appointment”. Enter your zip code, or city to find locations with doses available.

Tip: It’s better if you create an account first on their website here so as soon as there’s an appointment available you can fill out the info faster!

Tip2: If you’re on your phone, open the Walgreens page first and sign in, and then click on the link to schedule an appointment if available.

Make sure to check the website frequently! If there aren’t any available appointments or they only have at places too far away from you, STAY ON THAT PAGE and click on the “search” button frequently throughout the day until new slots are released.

walgreens covid vaccine appointment

What vaccine will you get at Walgreens/Duane Reade? When you’re scheduling your appointment, it won’t specifically tell you which vaccine you’ll get there, but if the second dose is scheduled 28 days after the 1st dose it means you’re getting the Moderna vaccine. if it’s 21 days after then you’ll be getting the Pfizer. And I guess if it’s only one dose, it’s because they have the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.



Many locations in NYC!

Website: Book Appointment here.

You’ll be able to see the Rite Aid locations with available Covid-19 Vaccines on the link above (official NYC gov link) too!

Currently only administering the vaccine for New Yorkers 60 & older and teachers/childcare workers. If you are eligible due to health factors check the links above (NY Hospitals).


Website: Book online here.

The link will tell you all the NYC HOSPITALS that provide the Covid-19 vaccine and that have AVAILABLE APPOINTMENTS.

  • Fill out the form that appears on that page first (it’s easy and fast!)
  • From your computer: you’ll see all places that have available slots at the moment you’re searching. If there aren’t any at that moment you’ll see 2 links with more info.
  • From your phone: you’ll have to click on VIEW AVAILABLE TIMES and it will take you to another page with places that have available slots at the moment you’re searching.

IMPORTANT TIP: Make sure you keep entering that page and filling out the form with FREQUENCY. You can also leave the page open so you click on “view available times” many times throughout the day because they keep updating all the available slots all the time! Check it out every 15 minutes or every hour, especially in the morning, noon, afternoon (around 3/4:30pm), and during regular working hours (8am to 5-6pm). Many times you’ll see no available appointments after 5/6pm.

Keep this in mind:

  • From your phone: leave the page with the option “view available times” open and click on it frequently during the hour until the link expires and you have to fill out the form again.
  • From your computer: if there’s no availability after filling out the form, leave that page open, and instead of filling out the form again to refresh the results, just unclick and click again the last checking box under “to proceed with scheduling…). And it will refresh the results faster!

IMPORTANT TIP #2: make sure to grab the time slot when available AS FAST AS YOU CAN because they fly! If you think about it too much, it won’t be available anymore! So make sure you know the times you can not make so you don’t have to think about it that much when time slots become available at locations near you.


  • Upper East Side: 1901 1st Ave. (& E 97th st).
  • Midtown East: 462 1st. Ave (& E 27th st).
  • Lower East Side: 227 Madison St. (between Clinton & Jefferson sts.).
  • West Harlem: 264 W 118th St. (between Frederick Douglas Blvd. & St. Nicholas Ave.) | Gotham Health
  • Central Harlem / Uptown Manhattan: 506 Lenox Ave. (Malcolm X Blvd & 5th Ave.).
  • Javits Center in Midtown West, Manhattan (the convention center was converted into a vaccination site during the pandemic).

Book an Appointment here to locate Public Providers of Covid-19 Vaccine in NY State (in NYC you’ll find the Javits Center) and schedule an appointment when available. Go to the bottom of that page where it says “get started” if you find a place with availability that suits you. If you live in Manhattan and are desperate to get the vaccine, you can rent a car and go to the place that has availability!

Any NY Resident can go to any vaccine clinic located in NY State, so if you live in Manhattan you can get the vaccine in Albany, NY and vice-versa. 



If you have a doctor at NYP / Weill Cornell / Columbia, you can get the Covid-19 vaccine from one of them when your group is eligible.

Call your doctor or go to VaccineTogetherNY.org for more info here.


NYC Department of Health – Downtown & Uptown Clinics

Website: Book Appointment here.

Fill out the form with this info (check it also on the site on the left to make sure they didn’t change it).

Username: nycdohmh
Password: welcome



MiDoctor Urgent Care

Website. Phone: 212-757-3859. APPOINTMENT BY EMAIL:

Send an email to GetTheShot@midoctoruc.com and they will contact you with the date and time for vaccination. Make sure to include in the email:

  1. Your full NAME.
  2. Date of Birth (month/day/year).
  3. Phone Number (American phone number).

LOCATION: 715 9th Ave. (& W 49th St.)


Ryan/Chelsea – Clinton Community Health Center

Schedule an appointment by email and only if you are eligible to get the Covid-19 Vaccine in NYC.

Send an email to COVIDvaccinerequest@ryanhealth.org

Make sure to include your

  1. Full Name
  2. Date of Birth
  3. Phone Number (an American phone number).

LOCATION: 645 10th Ave. (& W 46th St.).


Northwell Health – GoHealth Urgent Care

Click here to book an appointment.

Select reason: put Covid-19 Vaccine Dose #1. Then select the location.

Make sure to check the website frequently for the current week and the following ones. Sometimes you enter again and there are some slots available on a certain date. You have to sign up fast once you see an available slot because they go out fast.

LOCATION: 199 Amsterdam Ave. (& W 69th St.).


AdvantageCare Physicians

Phone: 866-749-2660. Call for an appointment.

LOCATION: 21 East 22nd St. (between Broadway & Park Ave S.).


Charles B Wang Community Health Center

Phone: 212-966-0461. Call for an appointment.


268 Canal St. (between Broadway & Lafayette St.) | Chinatown

125 Walker St. 2nd Fl. (between Centre & Baxter Sts.) | Chinatown


RendrCare – Metro True Care Medical

Phone: 646-601-6229. Call for an appointment.

LOCATION: 139 Centre St. (between White & Walker Sts.).


RendrCare – Chinatown Medical Physician

Phone: 646-601-6229. Call for an appointment.

LOCATION: 86 Bowery, 4th Floor. (& Hester St.)


NYC Health Department Vaccine Hub

Website: Book appointment here. Phone: 877-829-4692.

LOCATION: 215 W 114th St. (between Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Blvd & Frederick Douglas Blvd.).


The Institue for Family Health

Website: Book appointment here.

LOCATION: 1824 Madison Ave. (& E 119th St.)


Rite Aid Store #4945

Website: Book appointment here.

LOCATION: 35-45 W 125th St. (between Malcolm X Boulevard & 5th Ave.).


AdvantageCare Physicians

Phone: 866-749-2660. Call for an appointment.

LOCATION: 215 W 125th St. (between Frederick Douglas Blvd. & Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Blvd).


Upper Room Aids Ministry / Harlem United

Phone: 646-715-4955. Call for an appointment.

LOCATION: 169 W 133rd St. (& Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Blvd.)


Who is Eligible Now? Covid-19 Vaccine Distribution Phases

CHECK HERE to know if you’re eligible to get the Covid-19 Vaccine now or when will you be able to get it.

Beginning March 30, 2021 the Covid-19 vaccine will be eligible to:

  • All NY Residents 30 & over!
  • Those with underlying health conditions

April 6, 2021: all NY Residents will be eligible 16 & older.


I hope this info was helpful and that you can schedule your Covid-19 Vaccine (always consult with your doctor).

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