LGA to Manhattan: How to Go, Best Options and Tips

The best way to get from LaGuardia Airport (LGA) to Manhattan. In this article you’ll find the pros and cons of each travel option and all the details and tips!

Public Bus + Subway
Public Bus + LIRR Train to Penn Station
Shared Van
Yellow Taxi
Uber, Lyft or Juno (Private Car)
Exclusive Non-Stop Van (for large groups)
Public Bus to Harlem

Frequent Questions

Can I get WiFi at the airport? Free WiFi for the first 30 minutes.

Can I get a MetroCard (Subway Card) at La Guardia Airport?

Yes! You have MetroCard vending machines in Terminals B, C & D.

Do NY subways run 24 hours a day?

Yes! Going from LGA to Manhattan by subway is possible at any time!

PUBLIC BUS + SUBWAY or LIRR TRAIN (Long Island Rail Road)



Express bus that takes you directly (with fewer stops) from the airport to the subway or train station! It’s fast and travels on highways instead of the congested streets. It has special luggage racks.

I think it’s the best option from LGA to Manhattan because it comes frequently and runs 24 hours a day.

The bus Q70 stops at LGA Terminals B, C & D.

Times (Daily) Frequency
5am to 7am Every 20 minutes
7am to 8am Every 15 minutes
8am to 10pm Every 12 minutes
10pm to 12am (midnight) Every 15 minutes
12am-1am Every 20 minutes
1am to 5am Every 30 minutes

New York Subway

  • Take the Q70 bus from the airport and get off at Victor Moore Term/Q47 Stand.
  • You will be right next to the subway station: Roosevelt Ave. – Jackson Heights Station. From there you can take the subways: E, F, M, N or 7 to Manhattan.
Travel Time Bus + Subway
  • Total Travel Time is about an hour and 10 minutes.
  • Bus from LGA to Victor Moore Term/Q47 stand is about 8-10 minutes.
  • Subway to Manhattan can be about 45 minutes to an hour depending on the area of Manhattan that you’re going.

$2.75 + $1 to get a MetroCard (Subway Card) if you don’t have one.

You can pay the bus ticket with the MetroCard or in cash (the exact fare in coins only).

  • If you use a MetroCard, a free transfer is automatically encoded onto your card, which can be used to take the subway or another bus.
  • If you pay the bus in cash, you won’t get a free transfer for the subway (you’ll only get a free transfer to take another bus). You’ll end up paying $2.75 for the bus and another $2.75 for the subway.
  • Free Transfers last for 2 hours from the moment you pay the fare.

Check on Google Maps how to go from LGA to your address in Manhattan to see what’s the best subway for you.

MetroCard – Good to know
  • Once you have a MetroCard, you can refill it for the amount you need for your trips, at no additional cost.
  • If you are staying in Manhattan for a week and are planning to use the subway every day, I’d recommend you to buy the 7 Days Unlimited Pass for only $31 (includes subways and buses)
  • NYC Subways run 24 hours (they run with less frequency after 10/11PM).
  • you have lightweight luggage
  • you want the cheapest way to get to Manhattan
  • your hotel is close to the subway station
  • you’re traveling in peak hours
  • if you take a car, you’ll face more than an hour of traffic
  • you are 2, and don’t want to spend about $18 more each for a cab
  • You have heavy luggage: you will have to take the stairs since you don’t have elevators in all stations, and if you do have elevators, sometimes they don’t work!
  • You have to walk a lot from the Subway Station to your hotel carrying heavy luggage.
LIRR Train
Source of Image: nydailynews.com
  • Take the Q70 bus from the airport and get off at Roosevelt Av/61 St.
  • From there you have a very short walk to Woodside Terminal where you will take the train to Penn Station.
Travel Time Bus + Train (LIRR)
  • Total Travel time is about 30-40 minutes
  • Bus from LGA to Roosevelt Av/61 St. is about 10-15 minutes
  • LIRR Train to Penn Station is 10 minutes non-stop

Bus $2.75 + Ticket Train:

  • $8.25 Peak Fares: 6am-10am and 4pm-8pm (except weekends and holidays)
  • $6 Off Peak: all the other times that are not peak hours
  • $4.25 CityTicket: Saturdays & Sundays (excluding to/from Far Rockaway & Belmont Park)
  • $4 Train ticket for Senior Citizens / Disabled / Medicare
  • With Kids: up to four children (ages 5-11) ride for the fare of $1.00 each when accompanied by a fare-paying adult (18 years or older).

You can pay the bus ticket with the MetroCard or in cash (the exact fare in coins only).

Read above under the title “MetroCard – Things you may want to consider”.


GO Airlink NYC

  • You’re 1 (if you’re 2 it’ll cost you the same than a taxi!)
  • You’re traveling with heavy luggage
  • You don’t want to spend too much money on a taxi
  • You prefer a service that takes you to the door of your hotel
  • You want to see the city while traveling from the airport to Manhattan

You can book it online in advance! Or ask at the airport for the SuperShuttle or Go Airlink Shuttle kiosk.
Be aware that this van will be making lots of stops and it might take longer to arrive than the subway or the taxi (especially if you’re traveling in peak hours).

Go Airlink Shuttle:

From LGA to Hotel in Manhattan: $20 per passenger
From LGA to Residence/Business: $25-$27 per passenger. Price varies depending on the final destination in Manhattan.
Go Airlink Shuttles and SuperShuttle are able 24 hours a day. Go Airlink is cheaper than Super Shuttle.


NYC Taxis yellowcabs

You can take a yellow taxi from the airport.

Groups of 4 or more: you can take the yellow taxi that is a mini-van (cost should be the same as a regular car!).

  • You don’t want to take the subway
  • You want a non-stop service
  • You prefer a service that takes you to the door of your hotel
  • You are 2 and don’t want to take the subway. It will be your best option in terms of costs and travel time compared to a shared van
  • You want to see the city while traveling from the airport to Manhattan
  • It makes you stressful the fact of searching on Google Maps what’s the closest subway station to your hotel, printing a map to see how to walk from the station to your hotel, taking the subway stairs, you kind of have some money to spend, this is your first time in New York City and it will make you relieved to take a cab

Travel Time: 20-30 minutes. Time may vary depending on your location in Manhattan and the traffic.

Cost: about $40-$50. Price may vary depending on your final destination.

NY Taxis work 24 hours a day.


black car - LGA TO MANHATTAN

If you have Internet on your phone, you can request an Uber, Lyft or Juno. They’re a bit cheaper than a yellow cab.

You have to request them when you’re already at the airport with all your luggage ready to go. They usually come pretty fast and you don’t have to pay the driver. You pay through the app, even the tip.

Click here to to get a promo code if you’re a new customer on any of those 3 companies. Get a discount on your first ride!

Travel Time: 20-30 minutes. Time may vary depending on your location in Manhattan and the traffic.

Cost: slightly cheaper than a yellow taxi that is about $40-$50

They work 24 hours a day

They offer car options for large groups!


It will cost you $125 (sharing the cost between the 10 of you).

You can ask at the airport when you arrive and negotiate the price there (you shouldn’t be paying more than $120 if you are all going to Manhattan).


If you’re going to Harlem the M60 Bus may be a good option for you.

Check on Google Maps how to go from LGA to your address in Manhattan to see where does this bus drop you off in Harlem.

I’ve taken this bus a couple of times and it’s not recommended at all if you’re traveling in peak hours (mainly around 9am or 6pm). Even on weekdays at noon there’s a lot of traffic in Manhattan on the route that this bus takes.

M60 Bus runs 24 hours a day.

Click here for more info about the specific stops in Harlem of this bus.


BE AWARE: NYC Airporter Express Bus from LGA to Manhattan

They don’t have good reviews. Lots of people complain about the waiting time and carrying baggage by their own.

Click here for more info about this express bus to Midtown Manhattan.

I hope all this info was helpful for your travel from LGA to Manhattan. Please recommend and share 🙂

Safe travels!



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