Yummy New Chocolate Shop in Union Square for Chocolate Lovers! OMG!

Any chocolate lovers out there? This great new Chocolate Coffee Shop opened in NYC: Blue Stripes Cacao Shop. Owned by Oded Brenner, one of the co-founders of the famous Max Brenner Chocolate Bar also located in Union Square. Blue Stripes has delicious desserts, milkshakes and of course, AWESOME CHOCOLATE! Innovative items in the menu in which Chocolate is, of course, the main focus. So yummy! If you love chocolate, this should be on your to-do-list of today!

Blue Stripes Cacao Shop is the new generation of Max Brenner. A good chocolate spot for everyone: friends, a date, etc. It’s set up like a nice upscale coffee shop with a nice welcoming vibe, being chocolate the protagonist ;-). It’s spacious, with wifi & outlets too.

Blue Stripes Menu

Check menu here. Many innovative concepts worth to try! Only in NY!

It’s pricey. But it’s really good though!

Great desserts, cocoa shakes, amazing sundaes, fondue, chocolate pizza, chocolate mousse and so much more!

Some of the items in the menu, cool, yummy & creative:

“I’ve tasted chocolate and chocolate bars for more than 25 years,” Brenner said. “This time, I’m reinventing it.”

Cake & Shake with Cake!
Cake and Shake - Blue Stripes Cacao Shop - Chocolate Coffee Shop NYC
Ph: bluestripes.com

OMG you should try the Cake & Shake… Chocolate heaven! “There is no too much chocolate to a real chocolate lover” Oded Brenner. The Cake & Shake is literally a mini-cake on top of the rich milkshake in a super cool presentation! With a butter biscuit in the middle with a hole for your straw. Flavors:

  • Black Forest: pure chocolate.
  • Nutella Bar: hazelnut cream.
  • Banoffee: salted caramel.
  • Strawberry short-cake: strawberry white chocolate.
Chocolate Clouds
Chocolate Clouds - Blue Stripes Cacao Shop NYC - Chocolate Coffee Shop
Ph: bluestripes.com

Frozen chocolate foam. Flavors: molten milk, Nutella foam, experiments.

Donuts Fondue
Donuts Fondue - Blue Stripes Cocoa Shop NYC - Chocolate Coffee Shop
Ph: bluestripes.com


Tahini Chocolate Truffles
Tahini Chocolate truffle vegan chocolate - Blue Stripes Cacao Shop NYC - Chocolate Coffee shop
Ph: bluestripes.com

Great vegan option!


Cocoa Fruit Energy Shakes / Granola Bowls
Energy Cacao Shake - Blue Stripes NYC
Ph: bluestripes.com
  • Cacao fruit, Nibs, Vanilla Cream (madagascar cream, lime-leaf maple).
  • CF, Coconut cream, 70% chocolate (cashew butter, rum barrel maple).
  • CF, Banana, Basil, Ginger (lemon curd, hibiscus maple).

Blue Stripes Cacao Hours

Monday to Friday: 7am – 11pm.

Saturday: 8am – 12am.

Sunday: 8am – 11pm.


Where is Blue Stripes Cacao Shop


28 East 13th Street between 5th Ave. & University Pl. Union Square.


More about Blue Stripes Cacao Shop & the Story behind

The owner of this brand-new Chocolate Coffee Shop is Oded Brenner, co-founder of Max Brenner. Due to his split from Max Fichtman (the other co-founder of Max Brenner) Oded couldn’t compete with Max Brenner for 5 entire years, meaning he couldn’t sell any chocolate during all that time (a non-compete agreement forced him out of retail). So he used the time to get creative, find more inspiration, keep following and growing his passion for chocolate which made him traveled to Jamaica and explore all the ways cacao is used to create different kinds of sweets around the world.

“People are not familiar with many different aspects of cacao fruit. I myself discovered it in those long five years I had a noncompete with Max Brenner. I had a lot of time to explore, travel, and investigate. Cacao fruit was one of the things that really intrigued and fascinated me. I wanted to create a concept around it.”


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