Visit Dyker Heights Christmas Lights: All The Info

You’ll be blown away by the stunning Christmas lights and decorations in Dyker Heights! A beautiful neighborhood with amazing houses located in Brooklyn. Over 100,000 people visit Dyker Heights each year to see the most over-the-top Christmas decorations.

A must for NYC Christmas visitors and locals! You’ll see inflatable Santas, snowmen, carols, musical accompaniment, motorized Christmas decor and more! Absolutely amazing!


Tips to Visit to Dyker Heights Christmas Lights 2020

COVID-19 UPDATE: The Christmas Lights at Dyker Heights are already ON this year. They will be lit despite the pandemic. It’s a full outdoor experience. Remember to stay safe, wear a mask and keep practicing social distancing to keep you and everyone safe 🙂

  • Dress warmly! December can be very cold. Bring your winter coat, gloves, scarf, beanie, etc.
  • Depending on the weather and mainly on weekends, there will be vendors selling snacks and drinks. But don’t go expecting you’ll find food trucks. It’s a neighborhood with just houses! You won’t easily find restaurants just by “casually” walking there and there aren’t any yellow taxis so plan ahead your return!
  • Keep in mind that if it’s very cold, your phone might turn off & you use more battery when shooting many pictures and videos 😉 So go with a charger and knowing how to go back to Manhattan or wherever you have to go in case your battery dies!
  • There are a couple of restaurants you might want to take note of in case you really need to get inside to warm up or just eat something or charge your phone: Burger place at 86th St & 7th Ave. and a Chinese Restaurant next to this one! You’ll also find a few spots at 13th Ave. & 78th St.
  • There are more restaurants and food shops along 13th Ave. between 79th & 70th Streets where you can charge your phone if needed.
  • There are usually plenty of police cars in the neighborhood so if you need something they’ll be there!


When is the Time to Go to Dyker Heights?
Starting the weekend after Thanksgiving through New Year’s Eve.

Some houses in Dyker Heights hang their Christmas decorations starting the weekend right after Thanksgiving Day.

Many houses will remain lit and decorated through January 4th.


Best Time to Go to Dyker Heights
From mid-December through New Year’s Eve.

If you go too early, some houses may not be fully lit and decorated yet.

It’s being said that the best displays are usually on weekends than weeknights.

Crowds are thinner after Christmas Day.


Best Hours to See the Christmas Lights at Dyker Heights
5pm to 9pm.

Many houses turn their lights on at 5pm after dusk. At 9pm, some houses start turning their lights off when they go to sleep.

It’ll always be crowded, especially in the most famous Christmas houses. You’ll find fewer crowds at around 8pm.


Where to Go in Dyker Heights to See the Best Christmas Lights?
From 83rd to 86th Streets between 11th & 13th Ave.

Make sure to see those streets and avenues.

Feel free to explore more! There are stunning decorations at 10th Ave. too! And the blocks between 10th & 11th Avenues as well.



Most popular streets: 83rd & 84th Streets between 11th & 12th Aves.


The Spata House - Dyker Heights Christmas Lights 2016

1152 84th St. between 11th & 12th Ave.

Packed with all sorts of holiday objects: toy soldiers, Santas, snowmen, nutcrackers, reindeers, angels, choir girls, etc. The house has more than 20,000 lights!


The Polizzotto House - Dyker Heights Christmas Lights 2016

1145 84th St. between 11th & 12th Ave.

Decorated with a pair of 29-foot (8.8m) high wooden soldiers that wave their arms.


Dyker Heights Christmas Lights 2016 - Sam the Greek house

71st St. & 14th Avenue.

A 3 story house decorated with thousands of lights. About 10 blocks away from the Spata house.



4 ways to get there:

Check on Google Maps your best options! There’s also a Public Bus (the X28) that takes you right there! Just 2 stops away from Battery Park in Manhattan to Dyker Heights in Brooklyn! To come back, you may have to take the R Subway walking to the 86th St. Station in Brooklyn (about 8/10 blocks from the Christmas Lights) or taking a bus to the subway station (check on Google Maps and put your departure time to see what buses are running when you’re planning on heading back).



Pros of taking the subway or a taxi compared to the Bus Tour:

  • You can choose to go on a different day if it rains.
  • You can stay there as long as you want and take your time with each house, street and avenue and not feel rushed.



The subway station is a little far from the best Christmas houses in Dyker Heights. It’s a 20′ minute walk from the subway station to the houses at 84th St.

Nearest Subways:

D/M trains to 18th Ave. in Brooklyn (& 86th St).

R train to 86 St. in Brooklyn (& 4th Ave.).

You can put on Google Maps the destination address “Dyker Heights Christmas Lights” that will take you to the area from the subway station to the decorations.

  • Travel time by subway: an hour from Manhattan.
  • It’s the cheapest option but the slowest one.

You can also take the X28 Public Bus from Battery Park to Dyker Heights (it’s more of an express bus because it’s just 2 stops away and it takes about 25 min!). You can also take this bus from City Hall Park in Financial District.


  • Travel time by taxi: half-hour drive from Lower Manhattan and 40min from Midtown.


  • It’s the fastest option.
  • It’s cheaper than the bus tour if you are 2 or more. Click here to get a promo code.


A few tips to consider

Taking the taxi from Lower Manhattan is cheaper than taking it from midtown or Upper West or East Side. If it’s only you, I’d recommend to take the subway to Financial District and request a car from that location.

There aren’t yellow taxis in Dyker Heights. You’ll need to request a taxi from your phone (plus it’s cheaper than Yellow Cabs) to go back to Manhattan. Make sure to bring your charger if by any chance you run out of battery.



The recommended bus tour A Slice of Brooklyn takes people every night in December through Jan. 4th, excluding Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve. Book your tickets in advance because this tour always sells out early!

  • Tickets: it’s a bit pricey! Adults: $50 – Children under 12: $40. Book your tickets here.
  • Tour length: about 3 and a half hours.
  • Cons: it feels a bit rushed.

I would recommend avoiding the bus tour because you’ll feel rushed, you’ll always have many people (everyone from the tour!) to every house you go and it can be harder to take cleaner pictures & videos. You won’t be able to explore on your own more streets and avenues.


It’s not recommended to bring your own car due to traffic along the streets of Dyker Heights and parking.

Parking is easier on the avenue blocks and after Christmas Day.



Some homeowners decorate their own houses but many of them are done by professional decorating companies.

The cost of installing, serving, removing and storing those Christmas decorations by a professional company is between $3,000 and $6,000. In addition to the cost of the decorations itself and electricity.

Most people wonder how much these houses spend on electricity with so many lights on. There are rumors that some houses end up paying a $10,000 electric bill in December! Crazy, right?

The Spata House and the Polizzotto House were among the first families to begin the tradition of decorating their houses in the neighborhood in the 1980’s for Christmas season.

Enjoy the photos below!

Dyker Heights Christmas Lights 2016

Dyker Heights Christmas Lights 2016

Dyker Heights Christmas Lights 2016

Dyker Heights Christmas Lights 2016

Dyker Heights Christmas Lights 2016 - lucy spata house

Dyker Heights Christmas Lights 2016

Dyker Heights Christmas Lights 2016

Dyker Heights Christmas Lights 2016


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Happy holidays!




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