Brookfield Place Tennis Open: Free Tennis Classes for Kids & Adults!

All the info about the 3rd Annual Brookfield Place Tennis Open in Battery Park! You can watch tennis stars and why not, take FREE Tennis classes for kids and adults! Play a match or learn how to swing a racket for FREE! All the details below.

A very fun activity for everyone this weekend, including kids & families! All events are free and open to the public!

You need to sign up for the FREE classes! Do it NOW before they’re sold out! You can still try to see if they let you in case someone doesn’t show up 😉

When is Brookfield Place Tennis Open

August 25 – August 31, 2018.




Saturday, August 25 | 1-6pm.


Sunday, August 26 | 9am – 7pm.

Monday, August 27 | 7am – 7:30pm.

Tuesday, August 28 | 7am – 7:30pm.

Wednesday, August 29 | 7am – 8:45pm.

Thursday, August 30 | 7am – 7:30pm.

Friday, August 31 | 7am – 3pm.


Free Open Play & Tennis Classes

Your opportunity to play in the awesome tennis court, with stunning Hudson River Views. The Statue of Liberty will be part of the background as well. Remember, all events are free 😉

Click below to sign up! I recommend signing up as soon as you can since it’s usually fully booked.

Make sure to arrive 10min before your timeslot so you don’t lose your spot.


Click here to sign up.

August 26-31.


Click here to sign up.

August 27-30 | 9:15am to 11:45am each day.

Ages: 4-10.

This 4-day Tennis mini-camp at Brookfield Place NY will include:

  • 2.5 hours of tennis, athletics & activities.
  • Beginners & intermediate levels.
  • Energetic coaching staff.
  • Racquets & balls provided!
  • Students should wear sneakers, bring water & snacks.

Camp Program:

  • Super Duper Welcome & Intro.
  • Focus and fun dynamic warm-ups & exercises.
  • Athletic development (agility, balance, coordination and speed drills) + skill building games (tracking/racquet and ball control).
  • Demo & game-based drills.
  • Games + play.
  • Cool-down – stretch – review.



Click here to sign up.

August 27-30.

Ages: 3 & up.

Work on their tennis skills with super fun coaches!


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August 27-30.


Brookfield Place NY, Battery Park City.


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Hope you enjoy Tennis Open at Brookfield Place NY 🙂



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