Best Authentic Japanese Food in NYC That Even Japanese Love

The delicious homemade Japanese Food Restaurant called KENKA, is located in East Village. If Japanese people go there, is because the food is good!


It’s so tasty and popular for Japanese Food Lovers, that it’s always packed.

You have to wait to get a table, especially if you go to have dinner at around 8pm. The wait is totally worth it though! Unfortunately, you can’t make a reservation in advance. If you go after 9-10pm it may be easier to get a table, especially if it’s a very cold night! 😉

TIP: if you have to wait about an hour to get your table, put your name on the list and then go and explore the block and maybe get a drink at some of the bars around the area!

WINTER TIP: be aware that you have to wait outdoors until your table is ready! If you go on a very cold night, go and chill at some place indoors close to the restaurant.

Kenka Japanese Food Restaurant in East Village, NYC     Kenka Japanese Food Restaurant in East Village, NYC


The prices are very affordable. They have cheap beer too!


Click here to check the menu out. They offer the typical Japanese food and some unique dishes as well.


This place is well known for the Japanese Food itself. Rustic atmosphere.

It’s not a “fancy” place. I wouldn’t go on a date here, except if you both love good authentic Japanese Food, no matter where you are.

It’s not the best place to go with kids.

Good spot to go with groups!

Kenka Japanese Food Restaurant in East Village, NYC    Kenka Japanese Food Restaurant in East Village, NYC


Some people complain a bit about the service. I had a good experience when I went there. The food is so tasty that you really don’t care that much about the service! Go with a positive attitude 🙂



Sunday to Thursday: 6pm to 1am.

Friday to Saturday: 6pm to 3am.


It’s a crowded street full of restaurants and bars. Very nice block and full of life at night!

St. Marks Pl. between 2nd & 3rd Ave.

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