Great Spring Food Markets Happening Outdoors in Manhattan

Enjoy the local Spring food markets between May and July in Manhattan! Being in NYC in Spring is wonderful not only because the weather is nice (not too cold as in Winter and not that hot as in the Summer) but also because it gets dark later and there’s a lot to do outdoors like eating outside!

These food markets connect creative small business owners and chefs. You’ll find great food options for everyone, good quality, food for lunch, dessert, ice cream, coffee! Great for lunch if you’re nearby. My favorite one is Madison Square Eats.

The food markets are organized by Urbanspace and they have many locations in Manhattan. The ones happening outdoors in Springtime with outdoor seating:

  • Madison Square Eats
  • Broadway Bites
  • Garment District
Mad. Sq. Eats | Spring Food Markets


You can buy your food at the market and then eat it at the park: Madison Square Park.

The spring food market with more vendors!

Some of the vendors: Roberta’s (famous pizza place in Brooklyn!), Baked Cheese Haus (so good!), Casa Toscana, Ice & Vice and much more!

Days & Times

May 5 – June 1st.

11am – 9pm daily.

Where is Mad Sq. Eats

5th Ave. / Broadway between 24th & 25th Streets.


Broadway Bites | Spring Food Markets


Great foodie option if you’re doing some shopping at Macy’s or in that area!

Days & Times

May 2 – June 15

11am – 9pm daily.

Where is Broadway Bites Food Market

Broadway between 32nd & 33rd Streets.


Urbanspace Garment District | Spring Food Markets


Great spot to grab some food before going to see a Broadway Show!

Days & Times

June 4 – July 13

Monday through Saturday: 11am – 8pm. Closed on Sundays!

Where is Broadway Bites Food Market

Broadway between 40th & 41st Streets.


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Enjoy & have fun!



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