Museum of Illusions in New York: All The Info!

Grand opening on Sep. 20 in West Village/Meatpacking! The Museum of Illusions NYC will blow your mind & eyes! A smart & fun playroom for the brain while discovering an intriguing visual, sensual and educational experience with a handful of new, unexplored illusions, over 80 various Dilemma games for everyone & much more!

A great program for all ages!


What is the Museum of Illusions

“Museum of optical illusions, where your eyes and brain don’t get along. Over 100 educational exhibits, rooms, holograms, stereo-grams to experience. Pause reality, challenge your vision. A fun place to enjoy brain teasers, Instagram friendly establishment. Forget what you think you are seeing, you will have to look again.”

Whatever you see at the Museum of Illusions, is not what it appears to be. It will be an amazing experience! 70+ installations around science, math, biology, and psychology in a very fun way for everyone!

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Museum of Illusions NYC Hours  

Daily, 9am – 10pm.


Museum of Illusions NYC Tickets

A museum for all ages, including kids & families!

  • Adults: $19.
  • Children (6-13): $15. Free for children under 6.
  • Students (14-22), Seniors (62+), Military: $17.
  • Family ticket: $53. 2 adults with max. 2 children (ages 6-13).

Birthday parties for KIDS: click here for more info. Reservations at least 14 days in advance!


All the Different Exhibits & Rooms at Museum of Illusions

Optical illusions, games & puzzles that you’ll find here!

Photo Illusions

Nothing is what it seems in the Museum of Illusion, not even the pictures!

Optical Illusions

A reminder that our senses are imperfect and our perception of the world is often distorted.


Amazing images which create 3D illusions.

The Bottomless Pit

Things to compare with a bottomless pit.

The Chair Illusion

Explore the laws of perception and play with roles and size rate by simply trying the chair!

Ames Room

Experience how a person walking back or forth either grows or shrinks before your eyes.

Rotated Room

Are you ready to radically change your view of the world? How about for 90 degrees? Have photos of incredible poses taken! Your imagination is the limit.

Infinity Room

The room of mirrors. Mirrors at full height are installed all around creating an optical illusion of infinite space.

Anti-Gravity Room

Your brain and eyes make unconscious inferences about whether you’re standing on a flat or slanted surface. Balls rolling upwards, water flowing uphill…

True Mirror

Do you know that what you see in the mirror when you look at yourself is not how people see you? Time to see what you really look like!


A stereogram is a picture within a picture. Inside each image is a hidden object which appears in 3D when viewed correctly. Bringing the stereogram image really close to your eyes (until you touch it with your nose), your eyes cannot focus on the image and they look somewhere behind the image. While trying to keep the eyes off focus and by slowly pushing the image away from you,  you will see the hidden image.


The jolly patterns are created only by the visitors, instead colorfulful papers and pearls.

Hollow Face Illusion

They’ll fill any hollow space that we are looking at just to see the face.

Rubin’s Vase

Spin it and discover how many faces it hides.

Head on the Plater

Experience the illusion of a hidden body. Nobody involved will be hurt. Everybody will have fun.

The Mirage

It will not only make you believe that you see a real 3D object but it will continue to stimulate you even when you grab it and end up with a handful of air.


Museum of Illusions Location

They have many locations around the world!! The one in NYC:

77 8th Ave & 14th St, West Village / Meatpacking. Website.


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