Times Square Events: Free Live Music, Art and Coloring

Check out these cool FREE Times Square Events happening in August and September in NYC! Even though Local New Yorkers try to avoid the area of Times Square, some of them could be good for everyone, tourists and locals 😉 Keep in mind that Times Square in the Summer gets REALLY crowded!

Times Square events are good to enjoy before dinner, before you head to see a Broadway show or just for fun!


Times Square Events: FREE Live Music

Broadway Buskers
Times Square NYC Events - broadway buskers
Ph: Chelsea Lipman

When: Tuesdays through Sept. 18 | 5-7pm.

Where: Broadway Plaza between 42nd & 43rd Streets. Right next to the Times Sq. Market Outdoor Food Kiosks on Broadway by 42nd St.

Enjoy original music from Broadway actors and promising Broadway composers, once again, for FREE!

Concert series hosted by Ben Cameron. Check performers here.


Times Square Jazz
Times Square Events - Live Jazz
Ph: Phil Kiene

When: Thursdays in August & September | 5-7pm.

Where: Broadway Plaza between 42nd & 43rd Streets.

NYC’s Jazz Bands resented by Make Music New York in August and Music Under New York in September. Performances include Baby Soda Jazz Band, Wayne Tucker, and The Ladybugs. Check performers here as they keep adding new ones.


Times Square Coloring


Times Square Events: coloring
Ph: Sara Kerens

When: Wednesdays in August | 12-3pm. On your lunch break!

Where: Broadway Plaza between 43rd & 44th Streets.

Coloring sessions are also FREE

All coloring materials are provided as well as original artwork to color and live music. Pages designed by the team behind Strand’s iconic tote bags, apparel, and merchandise, as well as Broadway-themed pages by Coloring Broadway.


Times Square Events: Portraits in Landscape
Times Square Events - Portraits in Landscape
Ph: Ian Douglas

When: August 1-30 | 11:57-midnight.

Where: 42nd St to 49th St between 7th & 8th Ave.

By artist:Carla Gannis. She’s fascinated by digital semiotics and the situation of identity in the blurring contexts of the physical and virtual.

Look up at the digital screens of Times Square 3 minutes before midnight! “Immersed in their smartphones, two animated figures in a twinkling landscape snap photos – but both the figures and the world around them are composed of thousands of Gannis’s digitally-painted emoji, in a contemporary remix of Giuseppe Arcimboldo’s 16th-century portraits in which animals, vegetables, flowers, and books combine into human faces”.


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