Promo Code for Uber, Lyft or Juno

Earn Free Rides using these Juno, Uber and Lyft promo codes!

The three of them (Uber, Lyft and Juno) are good. Usually the drivers work with all of them. If you request a Lyft or Juno, you will get a driver that also works for Uber. Take advantage of the promo codes below. You can use the 3 of them if you’re a new customer in the 3 of them.

UBER – Promo Code to get $15 off: jesical85ue

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Options to request a driver with Uber:

uberX: the “low cost” option. Common private cars. Minimum fare $7

uberBlack: luxury version of UberX

uberXL: the uberX for SUV’s. For large groups. Minimum fare $10.50

uberPool: you share the ride with another passenger paying up to 25% less than uberX

uberT: a NYC yellow taxi requested through Uber. You pay the driver. $2 booking fee

LYFT – Promo Code to get $15 credit: JESICA091016

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Options to request a driver with Lyft:

Line: shared ride

Lyft: private car up to 4 people

Plus: SUV up to 6 passengers, slightly more expensive than lyft

JUNO – Click here to get 30% off all rides for 2 weeks

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Options to request a driver with Juno:

Bliss: private car

LUX: luxury version

SUV: for large groups

New Yorker Tip: download the three apps to get all these promo codes. After using the Uber promo code, you can then request a car from Lyft and so on 😉 You’ll have at least 3 free/discounted rides!

Have a great ride around the city with a great discount or for free! If you need to take a long trip, you can always compare the fares in each company and go for the cheapest one. Good luck!


Hi there :) I'm Jess and I came to NYC to pursue my dream and I feel I'm living it every day. New York is magical and you have to be open to everything because you never know who is sitting next to you on the subway or behind you in the line of the supermarket. I decided to create this blog about NYC because I realized how many powerful tips would have helped me if I knew them before coming to the city from someone who was living in NY! So I thought that it would be awesome to share with you some tips about New York from a New Yorker. I'm going to keep updating this blog so stay tuned :)