NYC Subway: How to Get a MetroCard that Never Runs out of Rides!

Hey New Yorkers! Tired of Refilling Your MetroCard over and over? Here’s how to avoid waiting in line every time you need to refill your MetroCard. No matter if you’re paying the monthly pass or if you’re under the pay-per-ride plan. Some New Yorkers use it but many don’t know about it.

Have You Heard About the EasyPay MetroCard?

Enjoy a MetroCard that never runs out of rides because it automatically refills as you use it! You can request your EasyPay MetroCard for free. You’ll find it very convenient.

The EasyPay MetroCard is for New Yorkers and not for tourists that will be in the city for a very limited time.


How to Request your EasyPay MetroCard

Sign up online here and you’ll get your card delivered to your home in 15 business days and ready to use it right away!

All you need is a debit or credit card.

For Seniors 65+ click here.

For People with Disabilities apply here.


EasyPay MetroCard Options & How Does it Work

EasyPay Xpress MetroCard

  • You can ride any subway, local or express bus.
  • Open your account with $30.
  • Earn a 5% bonus for every $5.50 added, so your account starts with $31.50.
  • Your account replenishes automatically with $30 when your balance falls below $20.
Unlimited Ride

If you choose the 30-day unlimited ride option, you’ll need to provide with 2 credit or debit cards on your account.

  • You can ride any subway or local bus, but not express buses.
  • You’ll be required to open your account with $121 (same amount as if you pay at the MTA vending machines).
  • Near the end of 30 consecutive days from first use, you’ll be charged $121 again. Of course you have the option to change to pay-per-ride.
  • Your EasyPay MetroCard is activated when you first use it.
Reduced-Fare Customer for Seniors or Disabled
  • You can ride any subway, local or express bus.
  • Open your account with $10 with the Pay-Per-Ride option.
  • Earn an 5% bonus for every $5.50 added, so your account starts with $10.50.
  • Your account replenishes automatically when your balance falls below $10.
  • Your replenishment amount may be increased to cover the number of rides you take during your billing cycle; you will receive a notice informing you about it.
  • You never pay more than $60.50 in a billing cycle ($60.50 is half of the $121 cost of a 30-Day Unlimited Ride card).  Your account automatically converts to unlimited rides whenever the required number of subway and/or local bus rides has been fulfilled. Express bus fares are added to the total of your monthly rides, but do not count towards the unlimited ride conversion per month.
  • There are no charges if you are not using your EasyPay MetroCard.


Good to Know…

  • The EasyPay MetroCard has an expiration date as any other MetroCard. You’ll get a new replacement card about a week prior to the expiration date.
  • You cannot refill an EasyPay MetroCard at a station booth or vending machine.
  • You can cancel your account at any time by writing or requesting termination by contacting the EasyPay Account Service. Center.
  • For lost or stolen EasyPay MetroCard: you must immediately report it at or call our Automated Telephone Service 24/7 at 1-877-323-RIDE (7433). You won’t be liable for unauthorized EasyPay MetroCard use that occurs AFTER you notify EasyPay MetroCard.
  • More info here.


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