Moving to a New Place? Forward Your Mail!

How to forward your mail when moving to a new place. There’s a way to avoid loosing all the mailing that will still be sent to your old address when moving to a new place. You can change your address at USPS for only a dollar, allowing them to forward to your new address, all the mailing that is being sent to your old place.

File your official USPS change of address here

You should still update your address in all places and companies that send you mailing, besides changing your address at USPS.

Some examples where you should update your address when moving to a new place:

  • All your bank accounts, credit and debit cards, ID card
  • Driver’s license: you can update your address at the Department of Motor Vehicles here
  • All your subscriptions: magazines, stores
  • Notify USCIS (U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services): if you are applying for a visa and it’s in process, or if you already one. You can update your address here
  • Notify IRS your address has changed here
  • Let CONED (or any other Energy Service Company you’re using) know about your move and cancel the service on time
  • Your Internet and TV Cable Service Company: make sure to cancel the service on time

Do I need to change my address on my Social Security Card?

It’s not necessary. If you get Social Security or Medicare benefits you can update your address online. Read more here

Hope all this info helps you to be a better New Yorker 🙂



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