NYC Restaurant Week: Eat at the Best Restaurants for Less!

NYC Restaurant Week is an event that takes place twice a year in Winter and Summer.

When is NYC Restaurant Week 2020?
Jan. 21 to Feb.9, 2020.

The following one: Summer 2020 NYC Restaurant Week in July/August!

Why is it Good?
  • You get the chance to eat in the best NYC restaurants at a fixed price.
  • Your chance to try Michelin-starred restaurants at a cheap price!
  • Over 300 restaurants participate in this promotional event.
  • You can have lunch for only $26 and brunch / dinner for $42: includes special 2-course for lunch and 3-course for dinner at the participating restaurants, that are usually way more expensive than that.
Why is Restaurant Week NOT that Good Anymore?

They made a few changes in the previous Restaurant Week that came to stay for the following ones…

  • Dessert was not included anymore in many of the restaurants… this is pretty bad because the menus aren’t that “cheaper” anymore if now you have to pay for dessert.
  • Many restaurants don’t include their BEST meals in their Restaurant Week Menu and sometimes the Restaurant Week options aren’t good or are the “worst” items on their menu…
  • The portion sizes are a lot smaller than if you order their regular menu.
Is this Offer Available on Weekends?
  • Not valid on Saturdays: the majority of the restaurants don’t offer their prix-fixe menu on Saturdays, only a few.

Reservations open on January 8, 2020!

Making a reservation at the restaurant you wanna eat is highly recommended.

Walk-ins will still get this offer. The NYC Restaurant Week Menu is offered to all guests, those who have a reservation and all walk-ins.

What Restaurants are Part of NYC Restaurant Week & How to Make a Reservation
Check them out and make your reservation here at OpenTable.

The list of restaurants will be available a week prior to the opening day as well as reservations.

Don’t miss the opportunity to eat in the best NYC restaurants that are usually much more expensive!

More About NYC Restaurant Week

Restaurant Week began in 1992 as a lunch-only promotional event and was considered the first “restaurant week”. The price was the year $19.92.

The event happens every Summer and Winter in New York, with the option to eat at the participating restaurants (including the finest restaurants) at a fixed-price for lunch and dinner.

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Enjoy and Bon Appetit!



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