Free Dolby Pop-Up Experience in Soho!

The Dolby Soho Pop-Up is a very cool and interactive experience for everyone to enjoy for FREE! A huge space with many different interactive rooms exploring sight, sound, technology, color and more located in Soho. They frequently change the theme featuring different events about film, TV, fashion, gaming, music and sports & it’s really cool! They also offer interactive workshops. “An experiential place where science meets art and technology meets imagination.”

You can take awesome photos/videos in some rooms with cool backgrounds. Make sure to bring your camera because it’s a very Instagrammable experience!


When is Dolby Soho Pop-Up?

Right Now!

Dolby Soho Pop Up - The Lion King

Current theme: The Lion King celebrating the movie’s premiere.

A previous theme was about the Oscars featuring rooms with movies that were nominated to the the Oscars such as Bohemian Rhapsody, Roma, A Star is Born, First Man. You can take a cool video as if you were on the Red Carpet and they even have an in-house cinema (they show you a 15 min. movie) and a DJ booth with an immersive 360-degree sound system! You can also get a cool hard-cover book of the Roma’s movie screenplay for free ;-).

Dolby Soho Pop Up Experience - Bohemian Rhapsody Movie -


Dolby Soho Pop-Up Hours

Wednesday to Sunday: 1pm to 8pm.

Closed on Mondays & Tuesdays!


How long it takes to explore everything?

Not more than an hour. It could take 30 min!


How much is it?

FREE for all! You don’t need to book any tickets in advance! Just go there and have fun.


Where is the Dolby Soho Pop-Up Experience?

Location: 477 Broadway (between Broome & Grand Sts) in Soho NYC.

Dolby Soho’s Website.

Hashtag of the event: #DolbySoho.

What were the previous themes at Dolby Soho Pop-Up Experience?

Before the current cinema-themed, they had:

  • The Oscars.
  • Abstract rooms with highlights of digital art and science.
  • A theme honoring NYC Fashion-Week, a Michael Kors event.


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