Veselka Restaurant: Best Ukrainian Food in NYC!

Veselka is the best Ukrainian restaurant in NYC located in the East Village. A very popular and iconic spot. The food is DELICIOUS and pretty authentic! Everything they have is amazing. I highly recommend this place if you wanna eat or try this type of food. If Ukrainians love it, it’s because is that good! 😉

A great option for brunch on weekends! You can also go for dinner, lunch, etc.  The place is big but feels a bit tight because it’s always packed, but to the limit where is fine and not that bad.

Veselka restaurant was featured in some movies & TV shows as well!

What Food can I find at Veselka Restaurant?

Yummy Ukrainian food. You’ll want to try all their menu. It will make you want to go back another day!

Try to order their signature dishes! Such as the pierogis, blintz, latke…


Pierogis (Varenyky)

Pierogis - Ukrainian Food NYC - Veselka Restaurant

Homemade Ukrainian dumplings. You can choose to get them fried or have them boiled. I think it’s more traditional to have them boiled.

They have many filling-options but the traditional one is the potato. I’d recommend ordering the potato filling even though you can choose more than one flavor but the potato one is by far the best.



Blintz Veselka Restaurant NYC

Ukrainian-style crepe filled with lightly sweetened farmer’s cheese.

Ask for the raspberry sauce because it’s worth it! If not, they give you a “non-gourmet” one and it’s not the same!



Latke Veselka Restaurant NYC

Potato pancake. So good!! Crispy and golden. It came with a yummy apple sauce.


Ukrainian Borscht

Traditional Ukrainian soup. A beet-based soup.


Stuffed Cabbage

Stuffed Cabbage - Veselka Restaurant NYC



This place is very fulfilling but leave room for dessert because they have a delicious Apple Crumb Cake and the chocolate option is really good too!


Veselka NYC Hours

24/7!! Veselka restaurant is open 24 hours, 7 days a week!

Veselka Reservations

They don’t take reservations in advance. Once you arrive, you have to put your name on the list. Waiting time on a weekend can be about 20-30 minutes.


Where is Veselka NYC

144 2nd Ave. (& E 9th St.) in East Village.



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