Color Factory NYC: All The Tips To Go

A cool & popular Art Pop-Up exhibit in West Soho full of color. A great opportunity to take awesome pictures for your Instagram! 16 unique super colorful & fun rooms where you’ll get free candy in every single room! Very Instagrammable! The staff is awesome. All the treats are very yummy such as the mochi ice cream at the entrance, the macaroons, etc.

Is it worth it? You SHOULD KNOW that this exhibit is made for Instagram. The rooms are prepared for you to take pictures, so if you don’t mind this, then go! For some people, it can be a waste of money because it’s cool but more for Instagrammers…..

All the details below!


Tips before you go…

Color Factory NYC in Soho

Good for ALL ages. Great for kids too! A 2-3 year old kid will enjoy it as well.

Perfect for a cloudy, windy or rainy day.

Better to go on a weekday morning before noon to beat the crowds. Or the last slot of the day can be a good idea too because no big groups will come in after you.

Free coat check at the entrance!

Don’t eat snacks before you go. There are a lot of treats throughout the exhibit!

You can spend as much time as you want in each room. Even though the only room where you might spend more time is the ball pit because the rest of the rooms can feel a bit boring after a bit and after you took your cool pictures.

Don’t go expecting it to be a Color Museum because it’s not… It’s more of a place to take cool pictures…

Make sure to have your phones charged for the many photo opportunities at this place! There are cameras there that will take pictures of you but the quality is better on your phone.

Maybe the downside is that the ball pit was a bit smelly and dirty. Better to bring socks for this room!

Plan to spend about 1.5 to 2 hours here.


When is Color Factory NYC?

It first opened in NYC in August 2018 and it’s currently OPEN!


Tickets to Color Factory NYC

You must book them online here. You can’t purchase them there.

Tickets are a bit pricey. Not sure if it’s worth the price except if you’re an Instagrammer!

Tickets: $38. Children 2 & under Free.


Color Factory NYC Hours

Color Factory Art Pop Up Exhibit NYC Soho

Monday, Tuesday, Friday & Weekends:

10am – 10pm.

Wednesday: 9:30am – 9:30pm.



Where is Color Factory NYC?

251 Spring Street between Varick St. & 6th Ave.

Entrance is on Spring Street!


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