LuminoCity Festival NYC: All the Tips to See the Stunning Lights at Randall’s Island

LuminoCity Festival is an amazing event full of stunning lights and displays super fun to explore and take some cool pictures! It really is an immersive wonderland of lights. It’s very well done but here I give you some important tips to make sure you have a wonderful experience and make the most out of it! All the info about LuminoCity: Juicy Tips, where is it, hours, best time to go, how to get there, travel time, how much are the tickets, when and where to buy & more!

It’s a family-friendly event. Kids will definitely LOVE IT! Imagine when you walk through the tunnel of the colorful caterpillar! So cool! You’ll experience different journeys through light from a Winter Fantasy to the Dinosaurs, The Jungle, the Candy-themed lights! Walking through the Donuts is also fun!

I enjoyed it a lot so I decided to write a post about it to help you out based on my experience coming here!

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When is LuminoCity NYC?

NOV. 23, 2019 – JAN. 5, 2020.


Will LuminoCity at Randall’s Island be Open on Christmas Day and NYE?

It will be open on Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve!


LuminoCity Hours at Randall’s Island Park

4pm to 11pm.

Last entry: 10pm.

Happening rain, snow or shine! Unless the weather is severe. This event will take place every day starting on Dec. 19!


Tips to Go to LuminoCity NYC at Randall’s Island

LuminoCity Randalls Island Park NYC

Good to Know BEFORE You Go:

Dress very warm! It can get very cold and windy there! It’s right next to the river and the darker it gets, the colder it can get as well! So be prepared. Think SNOW CLOTHING. Really! Especially if you’re going with kids! You’ll be outdoors for 2-3 hours or more! It would be a shame not being able to enjoy the experience or wanting to leave early because you or your little ones are cold!


Bring comfy shoes. Preferably, snow boots or rain boots with warm thermal socks. Make sure it’s also some kind of shoe that you don’t mind getting dirty! Because the floor can be muddy and slippery. Especially after a rainy day!

It’s on a grass field. They have floor paths built throughout the venue but they don’t cover everything so come prepared!

You might have to wait in line for 20-30min. Bring snacks with you, especially if you’re coming with kids!

Busiest time: 5-7pm. 8pm can also be a popular time to go.

It’s better to go when it gets dark to appreciate even more the wonderful lights and displays! I’d recommend going 30-15min before dusk so till you do the line, it’s already dark when you enter the venue!

If you aren’t going with kids, it’s better going after 7pm to experience fewer crowds. The later you go, the better (in terms of crowds). 8:30/9pm can be a good time to go if you don’t wanna go that late.

The only indoor space is located at the end of the venue (close to the exit in the big tent) where all the foodie vendors are. This area can get crowded!

Avoid going on a rainy day.

Once you enter, the whole experience can take about an hour.

If possible, try going on a weekday.

There’s FREE parking behind the paid one! Plenty of parking space so you should be fine! You can also go by subway/bus/uber!

Food Shops: not that healthy… think potato chips, mac & cheese, hot dogs… Not a place where you can have dinner afterward… no seating.

The dinosaur ride is more for older kids (not for a toddler).

This is the first year of this festival at Randall’s Island. They’re planning on coming back in 2020!


Is LuminoCity at Randall’s Island worth it?

I think it’s definitely worth it if you follow the tips above 😉 Especially the clothing tips!


Is it good if you go with Toddlers?

I’d say the experience can be super fun for kids starting at 1.5 years old! Strollers are welcome at the venue! You can easily navigate with your strollers throughout the floor paths.

I went with my friend that has a baby of 1 year and 8 months and he had a blast! Kids LOVE it!


How to Get Tickets to Go to LuminoCity NYC?

Buy tickets here on their website.

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Get 5% Off using Promo Code: 5NYTIPS.

Tickets have now a time slot to avoid huge waiting times. You will still have to wait in line though!

Wait-time can be about 20-30 minutes average (especially at about 5pm) or less if you’re lucky!


LuminoCity Randall’s Island Ticket Prices

It’s a bit pricey! Especially if you also have to pay for an Uber, Taxi or if you’re renting a car to go! Check below how to get there.

DISCOUNTS: always check their Instagram @LuminoCityFestival because sometimes they announce discounted tickets for certain days! You can get 5% off using the promo code 5NYTIPS.

  • $38 Adults.
  • $30 with Student ID.
  • $30 Senior +65.
  • $19 kids 3-12.
  • FREE for Kids under 3!
  • $88 VIP Access! Skip the lines, get complimentary beverage & snack, dino ride included. The best thing about the VIP Ticket is skipping the line if there is one when you arrive and if you don’t mind paying a lot more! I don’t think it’s worth paying $88 a ticket…


Can you purchase tickets when you arrive there?

You can purchase your tickets at the door unless it’s a sold-out night. Check their calendar here before going to make sure it’s not sold-out that day. It’s better purchasing your tickets online since it’s not a place right around the corner for many!

  • I’d also suggest purchasing the same day because tickets are non-refundable and if it rains, it won’t be the same experience. Or if you’re going with kids and they get sick… If you see that many days are sold-out on their site, then it’ll probably be better to purchase yours ahead of time (especially the closer it gets to Christmas).
  • If you already have tickets and want to exchange them for another day, you can contact them asking for a change (try to request the change a couple of days in advance).


Where is LuminoCity in NYC?

Website of the event.

Randall’s Island Park: 20 Randall’s Island Park.



How to Get to LuminoCity in Randall’s Island?

There are many ways to get to Randall’s Island.

Always check on Google Maps your options depending on where you’re going from!

  • By car. Plenty of parking space there! Once again, there’s FREE Parking behind the one that charges you $20!
  • By subway + Public Bus. Only the M35 Bus goes on & off the island!
  • By subway + Walking from East Harlem in Manhattan to Randall’s Island Park.
  • By subway to Upper East Side or East Harlem + Uber to Randall’s Island Park.
  • LuminoCity SHUTTLE from East Harlem at 125th St.


TRAVEL TIME: How long it takes getting to LuminoCity in Randall’s Island Park?

Estimated travel times from:

  • Financial District: about an hour by subway + bus.
  • Times Square: 40 min by subway + bus.
  • East Harlem at 125th St: 5 min. by bus! or 20-25 min. walking!

I went by subway to East Harlem and then went walking to Randall’s Island Park with a stroller while there was sunlight and came back with an Uber to East Harlem. Then I took the subway! It’s a very nice walk! 


M35 Public Bus

A 5 min. ride only! They come every 10 to 20 minutes.

Cost is the same as the subway: $2.75.

Bus stop from Manhattan: E 125th St. & Lexington Ave.



Walking to Randall’s Island Park

You can get off the subway at E 125 th St. and walk to Randall’s Island Park through the bridge.

Just a 25 min. walk while you get to see a bit of the Manhattan Skyline!

You can also walk through the bridge located at E 103 rd St! Randall’s Island is very nice to walk by!


LuminoCity Shuttle

You must add this option when purchasing your ticket. You won’t be able to purchase the shuttle tickets there!

Cost is $5 each way. They run every 30 minutes.

SHUTTLE STATION IN MANHATTAN: E 125th St. & 3rd Ave. Off the 4/5/6 Green Line Subway. Look for the Burger King.

GETTING THERE: earliest time the shuttle leaves from Manhattan to Randall’s Island Park is 3:45pm.

RETURN TRIP: starting 5:45pm to go back from Randall’s Island Park to Manhattan.

Even though it doesn’t happen all the time, it COULD happen that if the shuttle is full you’ll have to wait for the next one!

This is my least preferred option!


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