LuminoCity Festival vs. Hello Panda Festival: Which One is Better? Pros and Cons!

The pros & cons of each Light Display Festival: LuminoCity Festival & Hello Panda Fest! It’s hard to choose one. Here’s my review based on my experience going to both. Hope it helps!

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LuminoCity Festival vs. Hello Panda Festival:

Pros and Cons

I liked both!

At LuminoCity Festival the space for walking is narrower compared to Hello Panda Festival where you have a lot of space and is much wider. It can be easier to navigate with your stroller at Hello Panda Festival and the floor here is also on cement compared to the grass field and floor paths at LuminoCity Festival where it can get muddy.

I think LuminoCity was nicer & better designed with every detail and how all the lights were also on the ground without leaving any space without lights compared to Hello Panda Festival where the displays have some distance from one another and you could clearly see it was built on a designated parking area making it less nice. But both are definitely nice to see!

The ground at LuminoCity is softer for the little ones that may walk and fall. Since LuminoCity NYC is on a grass field and with floor paths, if they fall, the impact is softer compared to the cement floor at Hello Panda Fest that will have a harder impact.

Hello Panda Festival has easier access compared to LuminoCity. To get to Hello Panda Festival you can take the subway (the 7 train) from Manhattan directly to the venue and it’s right there when you get off the subway! LuminoCity can be more tricky because there’s a less direct method of transportation to get there but you can still get there! 😉

Hello Panda Festival is bigger and there are more indoor tents where you can warm up if needed, with dancing, entertainment, and some games. LuminoCity has only one indoor tent where the food vendors are.

Hello Panda Festival lasts longer. Until the end of January vs. LuminoCity that’s only until the beginning of January!

Hello Panda Festival is cheaper! So if you’re a big family, you can save a lot of money and it really won’t make much difference going to one place versus another. Both are great!

There are more light displays at Hello Panda Festival and bigger ones too!

The light displays of both are outdoors so if it’s really cold, it can be tough at both.

LuminoCity Festival has a Dino Ride that can be fun for older kids.

Hello Panda Fest has live entertainment and a ball pit fun for kids: dancing with a live DJ, you might also spot a mascot Panda walking around!


Which one would you choose if you have to pick one? Or if you went to both, which one did you like more?


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