How to Get Cheap Movie Tickets: Movie Theater Discounts

There’s an amazing way to get very cheap movie tickets! Have you heard about MoviePass? You pay a very cheap flat rate and you see all the movies you want! I’ve been waiting for something like this for a long time. Some people know about it but many others don’t yet. It’s a great deal for Movie Theater lovers and for everyone really!

UPDATED NOV. 2018: Unfortunately, I don’t recommend MoviePass anymore due to their updated changes that make it not convenient anymore!

What is MoviePass?

It’s a service that allows you to see all the 2D movies you want (you can watch up to one per day) for a flat monthly fee of only $9,99!

It’s a great deal considering that in NYC one ticket cost about $17 per person for only one movie!

You heard it right, you pay less than one single ticket and you can watch all the movies, one per day! It sounds too good to be true, and in this case, it is! I tested it myself and it works.

Are there other benefits for using MoviePass?

Yes! Not only you get very cheap movie tickets to see all the 2D movies, you also earn points with your movie theater card! This points will get you free popcorns and stuff. If you don’t have an AMC or Regal Card I highly suggest you get one (it’s free!).

How do I get MoviePass?

Simply go to the website here and sign up! Your MoviePass card will be delivered within 2 weeks after you’ve created an account.

Download the app: AppleGoogle Play.

How does MoviePass work?

MoviePass works like a debit card. When you check-in to see a movie, the card will be activated and load the full amount of the ticket. You have to go to the movie theater selected and swipe your MoviePass card at the box office or at the ticket kiosk.

Keep in mind that checking in from the app does not guarantee your seat, it just activates the amount on the card to use it at the Movie Theater Box Office or kiosk.

Once you’re in the app, go to “theaters” to select the one you wanna go to see the movies and times. You can also go to “Movies” to check at what theaters they have the movie you wanna see.

MoviePass Tips
  • You must bring your MoviePass card to the movie theater always!
  • You have to be a block away (or closer) from the movie theater to check-in for the movie you wanna see.
  • You have only 30 minutes to swipe your MoviePass card after you checked-in from the app.
  • If there are no seats left at the movie you wanna see and you’ve already clicked on “check-in” from the app, simply click on “sold out, change your mind” so you can check-in to see another movie. This option sometimes does not work very well. Sometimes it keeps the check-in already checked and you can use it to see any other movies at that movie theater if that happens.
Are there any down sides?

It’s only for 2D movies at this time, not for 3D movies. But it’s still a great deal! I’m sure they’ll eventually add a premium service that allows you to watch 3D Movies too!


Have fun and enjoy all the movies!

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