Obsessed with the New Murals at World Trade Center!

Have you seen the new Street Art Murals at WTC? Just AWESOME! Bright & super positive representing the vibe of New York with nice messages to the city and the world ūüôā They’re in Financial District all around The Oculus Plaza so make sure to walk on all those streets (and crossing streets) where the Oculus and 9/11 Memorial Plaza is.

How did they come up with the Street Art Murals at WTC?

These WTC Murals were organized by¬†Silverstein Properties in partnership with the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. They realized that with all the construction going on in the area, colorful happy vibes were needed so the area didn’t look like a construction zone.¬†Featuring murals from artists such as¬†Todd Gray, Hektad, BoogieRez, Stickymonger,¬†BoogieRez and husband & wife team Chinon Maria and Sebastian Mitre.


Where are the WTC Murals?

Between Fulton & Vesey Sts and Greenwich & Church Sts. Financial District, NYC.


A sneak peak of the murals I’m talking about with their exact locations:¬†

There are even more when you walk all around!


Follow Your Heart

Artist: John Arthur Carr.

The Vesey in Bloom benches (at the bottom) were painted by Chinon Maria & Sebastian Mitre.

WTC Mural - Financial District NYC

Church St. & Fulton St.


Follow Your Heart

Artist: John Arthur Carr.

WTC Murals - FiDi NYC

Church St. between Fulton & Vesey Sts.


Cosmic Traveler

Mural by Stickymonger.

WTC Murals - FiDi NYC

Fulton St. (& Church St.)


Mural by BoogieRez

World Trade Center Murals - Street Art NYC

Fulton St. between Church & Greenwich Sts.



Mural by Todd Gray.

World Trade Center Murals - Financial District NYC

Fulton St. between Church & Greenwich Sts.


Good Vibes, Never Give Up, Make Art, Dream Big

World Trade Center Murals NYC


Good Vibes WTC - Financial District NYC-


Mural: Everyone’s Different and Everyone’s The Same¬†

Love the message!

Mural by Brandon Sines.

WTC Street Art Murals - FiDi NYC

Greenwich St. between Fulton & Vesey Sts.


Love is Love Hearts & The Lotus Goddes

Love is Love hearts by Hektad.

Lotus Goddess by Alice Mizrachi.

Vesey St. & Greenwich St.


Summer Solstice

Mural by Ben Angotti.

WTC Murals - FiDi NYC

Vesey St. between Greenwich & Church Sts.


Hidden Dreams & Vesey in Bloom

Hidden Dreams Mural painting by Brolga.

Vesey in Blooms by Chinon Maria & Sebastian Mitre.

WTC Murals Financial District NYC

Vesey St. between Greenwich & Church Sts.


More Street Art On Church & Fulton Sts:

Big Dreams, Peace, Love

WTC Murals


Love WTC Murals NYC


WTC Murals


A cool video about the project in the making ūüėČ


Enjoy and check the Full Guide to Financial District NYC.



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