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NYC Crazy Fun Facts 

The Empire State Building

  • The Empire State building has its own zip code

NYC Yellow Taxi

  • NYC taxis are yellow because according to car salesman John Hertz (1907), yellow is the easiest color to spot at a distance
  • Parking tickets: UPS, FedEx, and other commercial delivery companies receive up to 7,000 parking tickets a DAY, contributing up to $120 million in revenue for the city of New York

Manhattan apt - NYC Fun Facts

  • Renters: approximately two-thirds of dwelling units in New York are renter-occupied, over twice the national average

NYC Subway Station - NYC Fun Facts

  • NYC Subway ridership: 1.751 billion annual


  • NYC subway musicians go through a rigorous selection process. Many of them have performed at famous venues such as Carnegie Hall
  • NYC Subways run 24/7

peace symbol

  • November 28, 2012 not a single violent crime was reported in New York City (most peaceful day NYC has ever had)

Welcome Different Languages

  • Over 200 languages are spoken in New York City

Grand Central Terminal NYC

  • Grand Central Terminal is the world’s largest train station by number of tracks and number of platforms

New Yorkers Fun Facts 

money bag

  • It’s been said that 1 out of every 25 New Yorkers is a millionaire

NYC condom

  • New York residents can get free NYC Condoms by visiting any of the establishments listed here or calling 311


  • The city of New York will pay a one-way plane ticket for any homeless person if they have a guaranteed place to stay elsewhere

autumn tree

  • NYC home owners can request that a tree be planted outside their homes for free


  • New Yorkers drink almost 7 times more coffee than other cities in the USA

NYC Foodie & Shops Fun Facts

Hot Dog

  • It costs over $100,000 (not to mention over $250,000) for a one-year hot dog stand permit in Central Park


  • There are approximately 1,600 pizza restaurants in New York City


  • Starbucks has more stores in Manhattan than any other national retailers, with more than 200 locations

NYC History Fun Facts

  • In 1789 New York City became the first national Capital of the United States for a year

Times Square New York City 2016

  • Times Square was a very dangerous neighborhood with crimes, murders, rapes in the 70-80’s
  • Madison Square Park, Washington Square Park, Union Square Park and Bryant Park used to be cemeteries
  • The city was originally called New Amsterdam
  • Manhattan comes from a word in the Lenape language that means “Island of many hills”

Statue of Liberty

  • The Statue of Liberty was a gift from France and opened in New York Harbor in 1886
  • Albert Einstein’s eyeballs remain in a safe deposit box in New York City
  • Cleopatra’s Needle, a 3,000-year-old Egyptian ruin, can be found in Central Park. In 1879 it was given to the city as a gift by the Khedive of Egypt. The 220-ton, 66-foot-high monument took a decade to be fully transported

NYC Streets & Neighborhoods Fun Facts

SOHO: South of Houston NOHO: North of Houston NOLITA: North of Little Italy TRIBECA: Triangle between Canal Street
UWS: Upper West Side UES: Upper East Side LES: Lower East Side FiDi: Financial District
  • Brooklyn DUMBO: Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass
  • Houston St. isn’t pronounced like the city of Houston in Texas. It’s pronounced “hauston”
  • Streets in Manhattan are in numerical order from South to North, starting in Houston St.
  • Avenues in Manhattan are in numerical order from East to West, starting in Houston St.
  • Blocks length: the blocks walking Manhattan vertically (South-North) are much shorter than horizontally (East-West)
  • 1st. & 2nd. Streets: East 1 St. has only 3 blocks and East 2nd St. has only 6 blocks.
  • 4th Avenue has also very few blocks. In most part of Manhattan between 3rd & 5th Ave. you have Park Avenue, and from Midtown between 3rd & 5th Ave. you have Lexington Ave, Park Ave and Madison Ave.
  • 6th Ave. is also called Avenue of the Americas

Population Facts

woman symbol

  • There are nearly 400,000 more women than men in New York

Alaska map

  • If Manhattan had the same population density as Alaska, only 28 people would live on the island
  • New York is the most populous city in the United States. More than twice the size of the second largest city, Los Angeles
  • About 1 in every 38 people living in the United States resides in New York City

Flags Diversity

  • Over 3 million of New York City’s residents are foreign-born; over one-quarter arrived in 2000 or later
  • New York City has more people than 40 of the 50 U.S. states
  • The borough of Brooklyn on its own would be the 4th largest city in the United States; Queens would also rank 4th nationally

China Flag

  • New York City has the largest Chinese population of any city outside of Asia

Puerto Rico flag

  • New York has the largest Puerto Rican population of any city in the world

Dominican Republic flag

  • More Dominicans live in New York than any other city in the world, barring Santo Domingo
  • Over 2.4 million Hispanics reside in New York City, more than any other city in the United States
  • The Black non-hispanic population of New York City numbered 1.89 million in 2014, more than double the count in any other U.S. city
  • The Jewish population in NYC is the largest in the world outside of Israel

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