Get Free NYC Maps

It’s very useful for tourists (I’ve been in that place!) to have a printed map of Manhattan and all the NYC subways.

At the end of this blog, you’ll find some useful Online Maps for your trip.

Usually, the hotels and hostels will have printed maps that you can take with you!

There are Official NYC Information Centers in Manhattan, where you can find Free NYC Maps and people ready to help you (for free!) with your trip. It’s a great thing to do the first day. I totally recommend you to go there if you don’t know where to start and need some advice (especially for first timers in the city!). They open everyday to assist tourists from around the world.

They are located in 3 main spots in Manhattan: 

  • Times Square
  • Macy’s
  • City Hall

TIMES SQUARE – NYC Official Information Center

NYC Official Information Center Times Square

New Yorker Tip: this kiosk isn’t always there. If you arrive to the area and don’t see it, ask to any police officer where is it located. If not, you can walk a few blocks to the one located at Macy’s.

Location: 7th Avenue between 44th st & 45th St, New York, NY 10036.

Opens everyday from 9am to 6pm (closed in Thanksgiving and Christmas Day).

Take any subway to Times Square 42nd St.

Official Information Center in Times Square
Official Information Center in Times Square
MACY’S HERALD SQUARE (PENN STATION) – NYC Official Information Center

New Yorker Tip: this is a great spot to go (I would say the best one out of the 3). It’s located inside of Macy’s on the ground floor, at the perfumes and makeup area. You will see the black sign that says “Visitor’s Center” with stairs like in the photo below:



Macys NYC Tourist Information Center

Location: 151 W 34th St between 7th Avenue and Broadway, New York, NY 10011

Opens everyday: Mon-Fri from 9am to 7pm. Saturdays 10am-7pm. Sundays 11am-7pm (closed in Thanksgiving and Christmas Day)

Take any subway to Penn Station 34th St.

Official Information Center at Macy’s Herald Square: Penn Station
CITY HALL IN DOWNTOWN MANHATTAN  – NYC Official Information Center

New Yorker Tip: the ones at Macy’s and Times Square are better because they have the maps outside so you can grab them easily.



Location: Broadway between Barclay St. and Park Pl, New York, NY 10007

Opens everyday: Mon-Fri from 9am to 6pm. Saturdays & Sundays 10am-5pm. (closed in Thanksgiving and Christmas Day)

Take subways 2,3,A,C,J,Z to Fulton St.

Hornblower Cruises on the East River Waterfront Esplanade at Pier 15

Official Information Center in City Hall (Downtown Manhattan)
Official Information Center in City Hall (Downtown Manhattan)



NYC Subway Map by MTA
View and Download NYC Subway Map as PDF


Download Your New York Map on your Phone:

New Yorker Tip: I prefer to view the map on Google Maps because it tells you all the streets and not only the subway stations. You can download the map to be able to check it offline from your phone. The steps to download your New York Map on Google Maps:

  1. Download the app of Google Maps on your phone
  2. Open Google Maps App
  3. Type on the search bar: New York, NY
  4. Touch at the left of the search bar to see the menu. If you are not signed in, touch on sign in to be able to download maps
  5. Go to Offline Areas and touch the “plus” button to add an offline map
  6. Confirm that the area you want to download is New York
  7. Download! 🙂


NYC Guide Map:

Click here to View and Download NYC GUIDE MAP


Manhattan Neighborhood Map:

Manhattan Neighborhood Map NYC
Manhattan Neighborhood Map from

You can Zoom In and click on the pins to see the names.

I hope all this info helps to make you a better New Yorker when you come to the city.

Please share it with your friends and recommend this blog 🙂



Hi there :) I'm Jess and I came to NYC to pursue my dream and I feel I'm living it every day. New York is magical and you have to be open to everything because you never know who is sitting next to you on the subway or behind you in the line of the supermarket. I decided to create this blog about NYC because I realized how many powerful tips would have helped me if I knew them before coming to the city from someone who was living in NY! So I thought that it would be awesome to share with you some tips about New York from a New Yorker. I'm going to keep updating this blog so stay tuned :)