NYC Halloween Parade in Greenwich Village

The NYC Halloween Parade is an annual parade also known as the Village Halloween Parade, because it takes place every Halloween night in Greenwich Village. One of the largest and most famous ones in the world.

It’s a very fun parade. Everyone is festive, happy and willing to have fun. You’ll see people of all ages wearing costumes of all kinds in the subway, on the streets and everywhere. I highly recommend you to attend the parade by joining it or by watching it live in Greenwich Village.

What you’ll see at the Halloween Parade:
  • Giant Puppets
  • More than 50 bands with different types of music from around the world
  • Dancers and Artists of all styles
  • Lots of New Yorkers with their own costumes
When is the NYC Halloween Parade?

The night of October 31st, every year.

This year, 2022, is the 49th Annual Parade! The theme this year (2022) is FREEDOM.

The parade is still on even if it rains!

What time is the NYC Halloween Parade?

Starts at 7pm and ends around 11pm.

Who is this parade for?

For people of all ages!

Where is the NYC Halloween Parade?

In Greenwich Village: along 6th Avenue (Avenue of the Americas).

    • Starts: 6th Ave. & Spring Street, heading uptown.
    • Ends: 6th Avenue up to 16th St.

How to join the NYC Halloween Parade

All the info to march IN the parade!

Costumes are mandatory for anyone who wants to join the parade. Anyone in a costume is welcome!

  • Line-Up to join the Halloween Parade starts at 6pm.
  • You can arrive the line-up between 7pm and 9pm.
  • Follow the crowd up 6th Avenue (you won’t be able to go down 6th ave once you’re in the parade)
  • You can only enter the line-up area from East and South (view map below). If you come from West, enter only from Canal St.

Entry Area to the Halloween Parade line-up

Where can I watch the Parade
  • Live as an audience member: get to 6th Ave. and grab a cool spot.
  • on TV: NY1 from 8pm to 10pm.
  • If you plan to meet with a group of people, meet them away from the line-up and walk together to the line-up, because it gets very crowded.
  • Avoid bringing your car to the parade.



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Hope you have a wonderful experience at the parade 🙂



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