Bushwick Street Art & Graffiti Guide: Where to Go in Bushwick

All you need to know about the best Street-Art in Bushwick, Brooklyn! It’s AMAZING! Find out where to see the best Graffiti in Bushwick! I’ve included a walking route with a map too and some foodie tips! Bushwick is pretty big so it’s good to know where exactly is the best Bushwick Street Art located 😉

The largest Graffiti area of all NYC!

Bushwick, Brooklyn is the scene of one of the best Art Communities and it’s being said to be the mecca of graffiti. You’ll find the work and amazing art of many up-and-coming artists. Some became being recognized internationally! And many international artists are invited to bring their art to the streets of Bushwick. This is the BEST & largest Graffiti exhibit of all New York! It’s worth the trip coming to Bushwick to see all the awesome street-art all around the area!


When’s the Best Time to See the Bushwick Murals

Troutman Street Bushwick Street Art Graffiti Guide

It’s completely free to go and explore the Street Art of Bushwick! You can go at any time since all the art is on public streets. Some tips before you go:

  • Go when there’s sunlight!
  • Weekdays are less crowded than weekends. After office hours are more crowded.
  • Winter is best because fewer people visit the Bushwick Murals when it’s cold.
  • Summer: keep in mind that there’s no shade on the streets while you walk around! If you come in the Summer, is best to go in the morning or later in the afternoon, about 3 hours before it gets dark.


How to Get to Bushwick, Brooklyn

You can take the L train up to Morgan Avenue Station.

  • When you Exit Morgan Ave. Station: go towards the exit that says Bogart & Harrison.
  • Weekends: keep in mind that the L train will be shut down all weekends between Manhattan & Brooklyn until March 18, 2019 approx.

Travel time: about 20-30 minutes from Manhattan. Could be a bit more depending on where you’re taking the subway in Manhattan.

You can also get off at Jefferson St. station if you wanna do the following suggested walking route upside down 😉


Where to see the Best Graffiti & Street Art in Bushwick

The main streets where you’ll find the best Bushwick murals are:

  • Seigel, Moore & Varet Sts. between Bogart & White Sts.
  • Thames St. between Bogart St. & Vandervoort Pl.
  • Flushing Ave. between Vandervoort Pl & Irving Ave.
  • Troutman St. between Irving Ave. & Cypress Ave.
  • Jefferson St. between Wyckoff & St. Nicholas Ave.


Seigel Street

Seigel Street - Bushwick Street Art and Graffiti Guide NYC


White Street

White Street Bushwick Graffiti and Street Art Guide

White Street in Bushwick Brooklyn Graffiti and Street Art Guide

Artist: DaveFoto.


Moore Street

Moore Street Bushwick Street Art and Graffiti Guide

Artist: LAmour Supreme.


Thames Street

Thames Street Bushwick Graffiti and Street Art Guide

Artist: Phetus88.


Troutman Street

Troutman Street Bushwick Graffiti and Street Art Guide

Artist: Sipros Naberezny. Painted by Kobra.


Troutman St Bushwick Murals Graffiti Street Art Guide

Loves Me… Loves Me Not… Artist: GoopMassta / AngelOnce. Painted by Kobra.


Suggested Graffiti Walking Route in Bushwick, Brooklyn

Good to Know:

If you go when not much people are around, the streets can look pretty isolated but don’t worry because it’s safe! Try going during the day and not when it starts to get dark! Just do the suggested walking route where you’ll see coffee shops and restaurants nearby 😉 Avoid going at night if you’re alone. This is a trendy, hip neighborhood much safer than years ago but you still need to be cautious.

Walking Path:

You can start at Bogart & Seigel Sts. Just off the Morgan Avenue Subway Station!

  • Walk on Seigel St. one block.
  • Turn left on White St. for one block.
  • Turn left on Moore St. for one block.
  • Turn right on Bogart St. for one block.
  • A bit to the right on Varet St. you’ll see some more murals.
  • Back on Bogart St, turn left up to Thames St.
  • Walk on Thames St. 2 blocks up to Vandervoort Pl.
  • Walk on Vandervoort Pl up to Flushing Ave.
  • Turn left on Flushing Ave. and walk up to the corner of Melrose St. & Irving Ave. On Melrose to the right, you’ll spot some Street Art. On Knickerbocker Ave. you’ll spot more murals to the right and left.
  • Turn right on Irving Ave. for 2 blocks.
  • Turn left on Troutman St. up to St. Nicholas Ave. If you continue for half-block more on Troutman you’ll see some more murals, then go back & walk one block on St. Nicholas Ave. up to Jefferson St. Turn left on Jefferson St. up to Wyckoff Ave.

From here you can go to any coffee spot or keep exploring the Street Art all around the area!

You can also start the walking path upside down!

I included in the map “fine lines” in a lighter color where you’ll find more murals in the area in case you want to explore even more. The thick line is the suggested walking path.


Featured Street-Art Event in Bushwick, Brooklyn

Every year in June is the Bushwick Collective Block Party. Usually on the first Saturday of June. An annual art event that combines graffiti, street-art, music, food trucks & local vendors. Free for everyone! Bushwick Collective brings together the best of the community. This is when many murals are being renewed and many artists start painting the new coming street-art!

  • The murals in Bushwick are changed every year. A few stay longer than that. Between June and July, you’ll spot many artists working on their artwork!

Click here to read more about the history of The Bushwick Collective, how Bushwick became the mecca of Graffiti and about the area’s curator, Joseph Ficalora.


Where to Eat in Bushwick or Get Coffee

All the following spots are really close to the suggested walking route or you’ll see them when you walk through 😉



Sey Coffee

Great coffee. Their espresso and cappuccino are great!

Small & lovely local spot for a quick coffee.

18 Grattan St. (between Morgan Ave. & Bogart St).


Fine & Raw Chocolate

This is a great local chocolate factory but they sell great coffee and milkshakes!

Their chocolate is made with raw ingredients & vegan. Closed on Sundays!

288 Seigel St. (between Morgan Ave. & White St.).




One of the best pizza in Brooklyn! Popular spot for locals. Known for their thin crust, wood-fired pies.

You can eat your pizza at the beginning of the Bushwick Graffiti tour if you start from this point, or at the end 😉

261 Moore St. (between Bogart & White St).



This is the famous pizza spot that’s in Manhattan! Love this place too! But the other one is more “local”.

18 Wyckoff Ave. (& Troutman St.).




Rustic Italian restaurant with housemade pastas & wood-fired dishes.

The place opens at 5/6pm!

436 Jefferson St. (between Wyckoff & St. Nicholas Ave.).


Los Hermanos

Cheap Mexican restaurant. Tortilla factory.

271 Starr St. (between Wyckoff & St. Nicholas Ave.).


Sea Wolf

Beachy vibe spot. Seafood restaurant: oysters, grilled fish and other seafood. They also have burgers, salads & frozen drinks.

19 Wyckoff Ave. (& Troutman St.).



The Sampler

Great beer bar in Brooklyn with very cool decor & great vibes.

Small local spot with a big beer selection.

234 Starr St. (between Wyckoff & Irving Ave.).


King County Brewers Collective (KCBC)

This is also another great beer bar with cool vibes.

You can get a beer here and another one on the other bar 😉

381 Troutman St. (between Wyckoff & Irving Ave.).


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