New Year’s Eve Ball Drop in Times Square: All The Tips to Go!

All the tips to attend the New Year’s Eve Ball Drop in Times Square, New York City to celebrate 2020! It’s a super fun event but it’s not for everyone! Read the tips below so you know what to expect and learn a bit more about this super cool event in NYE!

The most important things you should know first:

  • The ball drop is the most popular event in New Year’s Eve in New York.
  • You need to arrive way too early, at about 2pm if you wanna grab a good spot.
  • It gets VERY CROWDED. I’m serious!
  • No restrooms once you’re inside the fences so don’t drink too much liquid before going 😉
  • Not a good program to do with kids!! Long hours till the ball finally drops!

Hashtag of the Event: #BallDrop


When is the New Year’s Eve Ball Drop?

New York Ball Drop Time: Dec. 31st at 11:59pm.


What is the New York Ball Drop in one line?

A colorful ball with crystal triangles that drops at midnight on NYE in Times Square welcoming the New Year.


New Year’s Eve Ball Drop: Is it cool?

Times Square NYC Ball Drop New Years Eve
#BallDrop Times Square, Dec. 31, 2018. Photo:

It’s EPIC! Millions of people counting close to midnight and with awesome live performances with international famous artists! There are fireworks at every hour! So cool with everyone excited on the streets!


Best way to watch the NYC Ball Drop Far from the Crowds?

To avoid crowds, your best bet to watch the New Year’s Eve Ball Drop is if you know a friend that works in an office in Times Square with views to the Ball Drop! 😉

There are a few hotels that make private parties (with very expensive tickets!) to see the Times Square Ball Drop. This can be cool if you have lots of money and don’t wanna be around all the crazy crowds!


Is the Ball Drop FREE to Attend?

Yes, it’s FREE!


Important Tips to Go to the New Year’s Eve Ball Drop in New York


Times Square NYE Ball Drop Numerals 2020
#BallDrop Times Square, New York City. Photo:

Plan ahead and be there early! Many people go there from 2/3pm. No kidding! You have to be there at least 8 hours in advance in order to get a good spot and watch the ball dropping at a close distance.

Best views from 44-46th Streets & Broadway.

Locals and many tourists avoid this area because it gets extremely crowded. There will be many street and subway closures (you might not be able to get off at certain stations), and you won’t be able to walk through the streets easily because plenty of police will be there blocking some entrances. Which brings me to my next tip:

Forget about meeting people there. Meet somewhere else (NOT in Times Square area) and go all together. Once again, many streets and entrances will be blocked. One street might be open to the public at a certain time but later on, they can block it! Or you might have to make a huge “turn” in order to cross a simple street.

Again, NOT GOOD FOR KIDS! You’ll be there for many hours without being able to go to the restroom or go and grab something to eat!

Bring snacks with you!

No seating. You’ll be standing the whole time!

Dress very warm! Bring gloves, scarf and Winter boots! It can get very cold after a while! Even if it isn’t freezing that day, you might still feel the cold after so many hours standing there.

Once the ball drops, Police will start clearing out the streets and cleaning everything!

More info here.


Times Square Ball Drop Schedule

There’s a countdown at every hour starting at 6pm! Really cool with everybody cheering up!

Featured Ball Drop performances getting ready for midnight:

  • 6pm: Lightning and rising the New Year’s Eve ball.
  • 6:07pm: SAFA Chinese Cultural Performance.
  • 6:25pm: Times Square 2020 Hats, Balloons, Scarves & Gloves.
  • 6:46pm: Performance by The Village People.
  • 6:57 to 7pm: Hourly countdown with Steve Harvey.
  • 7:01pm: Lucy Hale.
  • 7:39pm: Performance by LL Cool J.
  • 7:57 to 8pm: Hourly countdown with Special Guests.
  • 8:01pm: The USO Show Troupe Performance.
  • 8:07pm: Planet Fitness Performance by The Marching Cobras Sapphire Danceline & Flag Unit.
  • 8:16pm: Performance by Julianne Hough.
  • 8:33pm: Performance by Alanis Morisette.
  • 8:46pm: Performance by X Ambassadors.
  • 8:58 to 9pm: Hourly countdown with Jonathan Bennett.
  • 9:38pm: Performance by Sam Hunt.
  • 9:50pm: Waterford Crystal Toast.
  • 9:54pm: The Associated Press Presents 2019 Year-In-Review Video Highlights.
  • 9:57 to 10pm: Hourly countdown with Planet Fitness.
  • 10:01pm: Univision’s Feliz 2020 with CNCO & Yenis Bencosme.
  • 10:25pm: Performance by Joss Favela featuring Mariachi Sol de Mexico.
  • 10:38pm: Performance by BTS.
  • 10:57 to 11pm: Hourly countdown with Raúl De Molina.
  • 11:01pm: Performance by Pedro Capo.
  • 11:22pm: Performance by Lauren Alaina.
  • 11:38pm: Performance by Post Malone.
  • 11:55pm: Performance by X Ambassadors.
  • 11:59pm: The Sixty-Second coundtown with The Mayor of New York City & Times Square 2020 Special Guest.
  • 12am: 2020 sign. The numerals of the new year come to life above Times Square. Confetti release & fireworks.
  • 12:15am: end of event.


Where is the New York Ball Drop?

In Times Square, NYC.


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Happy New Year!

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